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Dec 02, 2020 · A promise well kept (Itachi x Reader) Summary: Itachi comes to you one last time before dying, saying goodbye is hard, but he makes a promise he intends to keep. Warnings: mention of sex and a few curse words.. Reader on Webnovel. Itachi x Reader Oneshots novel written by dragon_otaku09. Webnovel APP provide latest Itachi x Reader Oneshots book update.

You touch his headband that has the symbol for the leaf village marked out. He pulls a necklace from his pocket and puts it around your neck. You look at the pendant around your necklace with a jewel shaped like a heart that is broke near the middle. You look to him and tear up." Itachi, Why did you-" Before you could finish he kisses you.".

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Mar 26, 2021 · “I’m coming, Itachi. I’ll be with you soon.” You never opened your eyes after that night. At least not in the world you just left. But in the world you had awakened to, you were met with a pair onyx eyes and raven hair. You smiled at the Uchiha and hugged him tightly. “You did so well, my love. You raised the twins into excellent ninjas.”.



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